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New Years 2007 CPE Trial

These pictures were all taken over the course of several events at Ohio's "Newest and Best" Canine Training Center.

Left to Right:
Jim Keim with Amber
Sue Anderson with Faeth
Rita Slepcevich with Hannah
Belinda McKinney with Skippy
Maggie Merry with Bailey
Katheryn Schneider with Reilly

Back Row:

Rick Dorrington with Duncan
Margaret Hendershot with Luigi

After the 3 day New Years CPE trial 2 exhibitors were perfect in all 13 runs:
Rick Dorrington with Duncan and Belinda Mckinney with Skippy who also achieved a level 5 championship title this weekend.

Perfect Weekend Exhibitors
Steve Bagstad with Quincy
and Sharon Papas with Rylee

Perfect Weekend exhibitors at our
new years eve trial from left to right:
Abby Bramer with Tru Sharon Muller with Holiday and handler Gina Young
Rae Reinhart with Frazier

Big weekend for a little dog,
Margaret Hendershot's Luigi earned 3 awards this 3 day weekend: Perfect weekend C-ATE Level C Extraordinaire

Jennifer Doyle with Jade and
Judge Terry Scofield Earned their
C-ATCH on December 29, 2007

Pat Schleicher with Bow
earning their C-ATCH
on December 30, 2007

Margaret Hendershot with Luigi earning their C-ATE on December 31, 2007. He is the 21st dog earning this title. He also got a Level C extraordinaire this weekend.

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