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New Titles & Special Awards

These pictures were all taken over the course of several events at Ohio's "Newest and Best" Canine Training Center.

Rick Dorrington (left) with Duncan earning
the big honkin' ATCH ribbon at our February
2008 ASCA trial.

Betty Hitzler and Pipsqueak got
there TACH in January 2008
with Judge Margaret Hendershot

Deb Scheel with Kinsy  and judge Margaret earning their TACH at our TDAA trial on January 20, 2008

Deb Scheel with her Teacup papillon Casey earning their TACH on June 3, 2007

Jeanne Franklin with Mitzi
earned their C-atch May 20, 2007

Perfect Weekend May 2007 CPE
Kathryn Schneider with Gavin (left)
Joann Fedyski with Dodger (right)

C-atch photos Jill Martin with Summer, Jenny Zoll with Deakun, Bob Janca with Baylee.

Perfect Weekends
Ellen Jackson and Callie, Lee Southerland and Reggie, Margaret with Luigi, Jim Keim with Amber.

Heather Gates with Robin
(first deaf C-atch)

Jill Martin with her specialists championship, then perfect weekends of Bob Janca and Baylee, Jason Bennett with Annabelle Lee, Sue Anderson with Faeth, Janet Kemerer with Timber

Betty Hitzler with Pipsqueak C-ATCH and Bob janca with Baylee
(C-atch 2 and 3)

Maggie Merry with Bailey
(3 day perfect weekend !!! Wow.)

Sue Zimmerman and Zeke
with a C-atch
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